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A must add to your shelf!

Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

I loved this novel. I didn't expect to become lost in it. I certainly did not expect to cry. I mean, it's about werewolves. Yawn, right?. Boy, was I wrong! I loved Grace and Sam. Maggie switched between their POV's seamlessly and without sacrificing pace. I'm not one for long reviews, so all I'll say is go read it! 

Coming SPRING 2015
Coming SPRING 2015
Meet Aubrey Shaw
Meet Aubrey Shaw


Available, Spring 2015

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Beneath Scarlett Valley (Scarlett Valley Series Book 1) - Kerr-Ann Dempster

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Meet Cassidy and Sebastian
Meet Cassidy and Sebastian
The life of a Furor
The life of a Furor
Sometimes sorry isn't enough
Sometimes sorry isn't enough
Beneath Scarlett Valley (Scarlett Valley Series Book 1) - Kerr-Ann Dempster

Enjoyed the teasers from Beneath Scarlett Valley? Read Chapters 1 - 9 on Wattpad  now! Get the complete novel on Amazon today. 


What are people saying?


"Simply perfect. Why aren't all books written as amazingly as this one? Everything: the plot; the characters; even the length of each chapter, was great."


"Finally, someone who tackles a different kind of paranormal story. I think this is the first time I have actually read a book about this type of paranormal, and LOVED it!!! I was happy to see that finally someone ventures outside of the usual vampires, were wolves, witches, fae and many others ...."


"I read it in two days (would have read it in one if I wasn't so busy) but it was not like anything I have ever read before and I have read A LOT of books! I loved the concept because it was different! The book kept me engaged and on the end of my seat."


"this book was very intriguing and moreish"


"The writing in the climax scene is just brilliant, it has got everything going for it and all the right emotions have been packed into these few pages, the heartbreak and the betrayal too has been captured nicely." 



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"The writing in the climax scene is just brilliant . . . the right emotions have been packed into these few pages, the heartbreak and the betrayal too has been captured nicely. "
Beneath Scarlett Valley (Scarlett Valley Series Book 1) - Kerr-Ann Dempster

Kevin Peter of

"Beneath Scarlett Valley is an intriguing book and very easy to read and get into."

Melanie of Book Passion for Life. Read her 4-star review here.

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Beneath Scarlett Valley (Scarlett Valley Series Book 1) - Kerr-Ann Dempster

I am so excited to share this interview with you. In addition to the interview and the excerpt from my novel Beneath Scarlett Valley, there is also a link to a sneak peak of my upcoming novel, The Hunted.


Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, sign up for Tiffany's updates so you can read her review and participate in the giveaway. :)


Just can't get enough.

World After  - Susan Ee

Susan Ee has quite the unique imagination. I enjoyed reading this, almost as much as I enjoyed Angelfall (book 1). Now, I eagerly await book 3.

So very, verygood.

Angelfall - Susan Ee

I truly enjoyed this novel. It's been awhile since anything has kept me up all night. Great read! Now onto book 2!

Worth reading

Empath (Flawed, #1) - Becca J. Campbell

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. So, here’s what I think:

This book was a great read. It moved a bit slow and I didn’t get lost in it, but honestly, that might have been due to my own chaos. I enjoyed how the author switched between POVs. There were a few jarring switches, but most times it flowed beautifully. I enjoyed being in Jade’s head, but that other guy (no spoilers for you!) creeped me the hell out. I had to put the iPad down a few times. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 2, especially with my favorite character, Cam. Really happy I got to read this story. Jade’s gift was unusual and intriguing. I want to see where the author takes her.

Quirky, spooky, and unique!

Between Friends - Angela McConnell

Wonderful writing! As far as short stories go, this is one of the best I've read. The author paints such beautiful and frightening images with her words. That first chapter was chilling.